Borderlands 3 guide: Skag Dog Days walkthrough

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You’ll find Borderlands 3’s Skag Dog Days quest in The Droughts on Pandora. It may technically be a tutorial, but the solution isn’t always clear — especially if you’re chatting with friends and miss some key dialogue. Here’s how to beat Skag Dog Days quest in Borderlands 3.

This quest is mostly straightforward. Kill a few different bosses, collect some items, grab your reward. Things tend to get a bit more confusing when you have to harvest fruit from a few trees. Follow the steps until it comes time to find some cactus fruit.

The trees with the fruit are immune to damage, so you’ll need to deal area damage to pop the fruits off. You have a few options here. You could use grenades, but you can run out of those easily. Instead, we suggest you use your ground pound ability like you did to get Claptrap’s hanger. Look for some rocks to jump off of and try to land near the trees.

Just repeat this process for each of the trees you find.

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