D&D Battle for Beyond is a star-studded new actual play series

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Battle for Beyond, a six-part Dungeons & Dragons adventure series sponsored by D&D Beyond, will bring together some of the most popular performers in the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) community. After a rolling series of announcements on social media all week long, the full cast was finally revealed Friday for the miniseries, which kicks off on Nov. 12.

The campaign features an all-star cast of RPG players: Jasmine Bhullar (Into the Mother Lands) will serve as Dungeon Master (DM), with players Aabria Iyengar (Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited), Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension 20), LA-based actress Josephine McAdam, Emma Fyffe (gaming producer at Fandom), Erika Ishii (voice actor in Apex Legends and Destiny 2), and Ify Nwadiwe (Um, Actually, and Dimension 20).

The announcement effectively brings together a who’s-who list from some of the most popular actual-play troupes in the world. Each participant will be bringing their own flair and respective experience to the table. You can check out the cast’s full profiles at D&D Beyond.

Fans are already expressing their excitement online, saying, “THIS LINEUP IS EVERYTHING.” Cast member Brennan Lee Mulligan posted an announcement tweet calling the group “BEYOND brilliant, effortlessly heart-wrenching & hilarious.”

Battle for Beyond will premiere Nov. 12 on the D&D Beyond YouTube channel. Episodes will go live every Friday at 4 p.m. PST for six consecutive weeks.

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