While Temtem might look a lot like that other creature-collecting game, it’s not just a Pokémon clone. Enough sets it apart to confuse newcomers and veterans of the genre alike.

Throughout the game, you’ll be catching new Temtem, pitting them in battle, and exploring the world of the Airborne Archipelago. You’ll also be helping out people while making friends. Our guides will help you along every step of your journey, as you become an expert Temtem tamer.

To get you started, we have opinions about the best starter to choose. We also have quick explainers about some of the game’s mechanics like the color of the attack circles or when to use Smoke Bombs. And we’ve got a table to reference that lists every Temtem type along with their strengths and weaknesses so you can build the best squad.

For when taming gets lonely, we’ve got a guide to multiplayer so you can team up and trade with your friends.

As you continue deeper into the Airborne Archipelago, we’ll help you pick up useful items like the Coward’s Cloak, Umbrella, and Crystal Skates. And we’ll help you get through the game’s toughest Dojo, Quetzal Dojo.

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