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Journey to the Savage Planet guide: How to get Alien Alloy from Green Cubes

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To upgrade your gear in Journey to the Savage Planet, you’ll need to collect Alien Alloy. This gets even easier when you pick up the Alien Alloy Detector upgrade for your HUD by completing Science Experiment missions.

There are a few Alien Alloys, though, that seem to be hidden inside gooey, green, unkillable cubes. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill the cubes and collect these resources.

Osmotic Cubes

You’ll bump into Osmotic Cubes while searching for Alien Alloys, but even scanning them won’t give you any hints about getting your resource reward from them.

Basically, all you have to do is feed them elements until they explode.

Practically, it’s a little more involved.

Slap and kick the cube toward other creatures — preferably something easy to kill, like Pufferbirds — or resource veins. Once the cube is close to them, start shooting.

The cube will suck up those resources — it’ll even move around a little to seek them out. After it sucks up enough, it’ll explode and leave behind that precious Alien Alloy.

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