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League of Legends’ latest patch adds new champion, Gwen

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League of Legends has a brand new champion courtesy of the game’s latest patch. While Gwen is patch 11.8’s big new addition, that isn’t the only change League has in store. The patch also updates Rammus, complete with giving him a new ultimate, and it brings a few balance changes to items as well.

The standout of League’s latest patch is its newest champion, Gwen, a mysterious doll who was turned into a human thanks to the magical mists of Viego, The Ruined King. On Summoner’s Rift, Gwen is an AP bruiser who isn’t afraid to get in close to her opponents and dual them. She even has a protective mist ability that will block her from the attacks and abilities of anyone outside it.


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League’s new patch also gives Rammus a much-needed update. All of his abilities got slight balance tweaks, but the biggest change came to his Ultimate ability. Rammus’ old Ultimate just did damage around him and slowed enemies nearby. For his new Ultimate, called Soaring Slam, he flies high into the air and slams down onto a targeted area. When he lands, Rammus deals damage and slows enemies, leaving behind shockwaves in his landing zone that continue the damage and slowed effect for four seconds.

Finally, this patch also includes a few small changes to Support-oriented Mythic items. The most overpowered offender in this category was Moonstone Renewer, which got significant nerfs, especially in the late game. Staff of Flowing Water also got nerfed, losing its bonus movement speed in exchange for some (less useful) ability haste.

For a look at all the changes coming to League of Legends in patch 11.8, you can check out the full patch notes on Riot’s official website.

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