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RimWorld’s next patch lets you make the vampire cult of your dreams

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RimWorld is a sci-fi colony management game where everything can — and will — go wrong. The game has three expansions in Royalty, Ideology, and BioTech, the newest expansion. An upcoming patch will help the expansions interact better, and players will be able to adapt their custom religions to focus on the new, game-changing additions in BioTech.

Developer Ludeon Studios announced RimWorld’s 1.4 patch on Saturday with an in-depth post on the game’s official Steam page. The post discusses community feedback to BioTech so far, with creator Tynan Sylvester writing:

Originally, I was a bit hesitant to put [cross-expansion content] in because I worried it would feel like locking one expansion’s content behind another expansion. However feedback seems to indicate that people want it, and narrative-wise, it would make a ton of sense if the ideoligions from the Ideology expansion had beliefs about xenohumans, sanguophages, children, and so on.

Players can now have religions with thoughts on vampires, child labor, and mechanoid labor. This means that a colony can either focus on giving their children nice, safe upbringings, or go ahead and get them into the mines as soon as they can hold a pick. Some colonies will love being fed on by vampires, while others will hate and fear the creatures.

The upcoming patch also refines gene-modding and passing genes along to children, new Polux trees that nullify pollution, and more diplomatic consequences when players choose to dump their pollution near allies in the world.

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