Riot’s League of Legends fighting game has a very deep tag system

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Riot’s League of Legends fighting game, still currently codenamed Project L, got its longest showing ever on Monday. A new video shows off the game’s fighting mechanics with a special emphasis on the Tag and Assist systems, which are now the focus of the game. The video includes a few new moves from Champions like Darius, Ekko, Ahri, and Jinx, and an update on Illaoi, who is on her way to the game as well.

Project L started development as a one-on-one fighting game, Riot’s Shaun “Unconkable” Rivera says in this latest video, but switched gears along the way to a Tag-team system of two fighters who can assist each other in various ways throughout the match. While Riot announced this change a while ago, it wasn’t clear until now just how much much the tag characters would interact with one another.

This video gives plenty of examples of interactions, including Jinx laying a trap that Ekko bats forward into the enemy Darius, or Ahri knocking foes up for her ally Darius to knock down with his ax. The game also features a system that lets players quickly swap from their current character to their assist character if they’re both onscreen at once, as well as a tag-team based combo breaker to help get players out of particularly tight jams.

Aside from the tag dynamic being the right gameplay direction for Project L, the video also compares it to teamfights in League of Legends proper. Teamfights make up a huge percentage of a League of Legends’ matches biggest moments, as different Champions from each team combine their abilities and attacks for huge combos on enemies.

Unfortunately, while this new latest video is the most we’ve seen of the game so far, Riot’s still been quiet on when we can expect Project L to be released — or even get a real name.

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