The relentless brutality of Mario Kart, in half a minute

An Animal Crossing character stands on Redd’s boat

Want to watch Daisy drop from first to last place in just 17 seconds? Have we got the video for you. It’s a microcosm of the Lord-of-the-Flies brutality of any Mario Kart race approaching the finish line.

This video has been making the rounds lately via Reddit, but let’s state up front that it is not Mario Kart 8 — this is Mario Kart Wii. The standard-definition graphics and presence of Dry Bones and Birdo give that away. Still, it features most of the characters, and all of the methods, available in the latest game.

Let us recap the onslaught upon Daisy:

  • 0:03 Hit by a blue shell and a gratuitous red shell simultaneously.
  • 0:05 Passed by Toad.
  • 0:06 Hit by a red shell.
  • 0:07 Bumped and passed by Dry Bones.
  • 0:09 Hit by another red shell.
  • 0:10 Passed by Wario.
  • 0:11 — 0:15: Passed by Baby Peach, Donkey Kong, Birdo and Mario
  • 0:16 Bumped off the course and passed by Luigi.
  • 0:20 Hoisted back onto the course by Lakitu.
  • 0:22 Annihilated by Bullet Bill.

Poor, poor Daisy.

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