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The Witcher Remake will feature an open world, CD Projekt says

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The remake of 2007’s The Witcher will give players a little more freedom than the first time around. The Witcher Remake, which is being developed by CD Projekt Red, will be open-world, unlike the original version of the 2007 game, which was slightly more linear. There’s no word yet on when the remake might be released, which means it’s still probably pretty far off.

The new reveal about the game’s structure came from a slide in the CD Project Group’s Q3 investor presentation. The slide includes a splashy fire-filled graphic with a logo for the remake in The Witcher’s recognizable font and describes the game as a “Story-driven, single player open-world RPG.” While this doesn’t clue us into much about what the remake’s open world might look like, it does sound like a pretty big change from the original game, which gave players a few larger environments to explore as a they killed monsters and earned upgrades for Gerald, but was overall fairly linear.


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While none of this is terribly surprising, given that it’s exactly the structure that helped the series breakout with 2015’s massive hit The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it is slightly different from the structure of the original game. Most importantly, it suggests that CD Projekt will be expanding the scope of the first game and could be telling the same story while giving players a much larger and more expansive world to explore around it.

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