This Dreams remake of the Stardew Valley town is beautiful

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Pelican Town from Stardew Valley has been given a wonderful new life in Dreams, the PlayStation 4 exclusive design toolkit from Media Molecule.

Twitch streamer Tooshi remade the charming town in 3D, down to the bushes, trees and lampposts. Players can walk around the town in first-person, though sadly none of the buildings are able to be entered. Their version of Pelican Town is accurate, down to the weirdly-placed fenced area in the top left of the map. The recreation is simple and it doesn’t use any hyper realistic textures, but that’s the way it should be. It expresses the same kind of earnestness that makes Stardew Valley itself so charming.

Unfortunately, since the remade build is only the town area, you can’t stand outside of Leah and Elliott’s homes, waiting for them to come out so you can give them their favorite items. Pelican Town’s other residents are walking around, so while you can’t enter their homes, you can sit next to them.

The town is able to be downloaded now that Dreams has launched, and was made with the intention of players using it as the setting for even more elaborate creations.

Dreams, which released today, is a remarkable tool. It allows people to make games, or even ultra-realistic breakfasts, all from their consoles. Look for more of your favorite environments to show up now that it’s widely available.

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